Create your Online Album

Manage all your photos, videos and music files in one album and manage together with your friends and family.

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First Social Cloud Network

Have your files a click away, your whole life, every birthday, wedding, vacation shared with your friends and family - are now always a click away.

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New Family Album in the digital age

Lets bring the old family album back to the digital world. Picksha brings families and memories together by managing an album together.

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A new Social Cloud Platform...

Awesome Features

More than just photos and storage. We connect families and help you organize your files.

Picksha - App Landing Page
  • Free Platform

    Sign Up for free and create up to 20 albums.

  • Supports All Formats

    Upload photos, videos, youtube videos, music files and more...

  • Public albums

    Create communities with public albums and manage files with the world.

  • Full Control

    Picksha gives you full control and give you options to set permissions for views, invitations, uploads and download features. Manage your albums the way you want.

Take a look into our App

Experience a new way of sharing

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Quick access to all public, friends and your own albums

  • Change Album title and permission with one click
  • Create new albums
  • View your profile infos
  • View all albums stats

Share your files only with your closest friends

  • Add your friends and family members to see their albums
  • Invite friends to your album
  • Manage your friendlist
  • See who is connected with others

Chat system to discuss about your memories

  • Able to message every profile account
  • Chat with your friends directly
  • Send single files via the chat system

Control everything just like you want

  • View your limits
  • Connect your Facebook or Instagram account
  • Get more albums for FREE
  • German and English language


All Files in One Place...


No hidden costs or monthly payments

Available on iOS, Android and Website

Our mission is to make your files available on any devices of your choice. Sign Up for FREE!

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Picksha - App Landing
Does it cost anything to create an account?

No, you can easily create a new account without any costs. Only when you want to upgrade to Premium Account to increase your limit to 1000 albums and use all the Pro features.

Will everyone able to see my albums?

Yes and No. Since you are able to control each album, you can decide to make your album private, public or share with friends. You also able to set who gets permission to view, invite others, able to download or able to upload files to your album. You have full control of every files in your albums

Can i delete files i uploaded on other albums?

Yes, every account is able to delete their own uploaded files in any albums.

What happens with files others uploaded but i dont want it to be uploaded?

Every user on picksha can report any files. We will review the report and delete files which are against any copyrights. In strong cases we might block or delete the user account immediately.