Questions & Answers

Learn what great possibilities Picksha offers

What is Picksha?

Picksha is a website to create online albums on specific topics or events. You can add most type of files like photos, videos, audio files or external videos from Youtube/Vimeo to your album and decide who have permission to view or not. In addition, you can allow your friends or other people to upload their own files to your albums.

How to use Picksha?

The site is quite simple to explain. Imagine you're at a party with friends, you make a lot of photos and videos. Now, many great pictures are on many different cell phones, cameras or other media. Picksha offers you an easy way to upload all the files in one album together, so it saves you the hassle of individual sending. Collect all files in one place by uploading all files into an album. Each participant can upload his files from that event in that album.

There are of course innumerable applications for Picksha. So you can upload photos and videos of your wedding in your album and share it together for all your guests, files of parties, concerts or other events. Just about every moment can be shared with Picksha and manage together with friends and family.